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Underwear & Socks Solutions

On the basis of the increasing level of social consumption, people's pursuit of quality of life has also promoted the underwear and socks industry to continue to develop in the direction of high quality, scientific and technological elements and a sense of comfort and design. Underwear and socks are the second skin of the human body, moisturizing&skin-care, quick drying&wicking, cooling&anti-UV, thermal regulation, natural antibacterial, stress reduction and anti-fatigue are the essential functional requirements of underwear and socks.

Product Specification
Coffee Charcoal

Coffee charcoal yarn Ne32s 40% coffee charcoal polyester 60% cotton
Key feature: multi-functional and cost-effective,natural plant extracted
ShowarmX FIR yarn

100% FIR viscose spun yarn Ne32s,40s
Key feature: FIR can promote microcirculation and skin-care and thermal regulation and we use viscose as basis, so it is natural biodegradable.

spun yarn Ne32s (50% cotton 50% Chitosan-Modal)
Key feature: Biomass material, natural permanent antibacterials and 100% biodegradable
Time Capsule

polyester filament DTY 75D/72F & 40D/24F
Key feature: Include more than 35 natural minerals such as copper, zinc, Selenium, Calcium and etc. very safe and non-toxic. It also can enhance skin cellular metabolism and promote blood circulation to stimulate energy, Disassemble lactic acid to anti-fatigue. Meanwhile clean skin to keep skin bright and fresh..
Annie‘s Solutions
collagen spun yarn Ne32s (50% collagen viscose 50% cotton)
Key feature: Beauty Concept, Rich of amino acid,Moisturization,Natural antibacterials
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