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Annie's Sweat Exercises Solutions

Sweat Exercises Solutions

Sweat sports including Trainning, Skiing, Running, Hiking, Athlete,Rock climbing and etc. Annie’s Smartex core technologies such as SiphoniX™, 3D microporous, Timecapsule®, NaCuX® will help you stay comfortable and improve higher performance in hot and humid environments, high-intensity aerobic exercise..

Product Specification
IcSnow Ice cooling

nylon FDY, DTY 70D/48F 40D/34F 30D/34F S&Z Twist
Key feature: has better cooling effect, drape feeling, smoothness than polyester
8C Microporous

Microporous Polyester filament 50D/48F, 75D/72F
Key feature: 3D Stereoscopic quick drying technology. The fabric can be dry within 15 mins
ShowarmX Thermal regulation
Annie‘s Solutions
FIR polyester+Hollow section recycled polyester DTY 50D,150D,75D
Key feature: The reactive minerals that are permanently infused into the carrier fibers help to alter the body's environment by utilizing the energy emitted to provide a beneficial wavelength of light. Whether you move or sit still, your body is a usable source of energy, able to generate power.​This light therapy helps to increase blood-flow, normalize temperature and minimize moisture retention.
CleanMax™ Pro

50% viscose basis anti-odor fiber 50% cotton Ne32s, 40s
Key feature: Reduce the bad odors instantly, clean skin all the time
Time Capsule

polyester filament DTY 50D/48F, 75D/72F
Key feature: Include more than 35 natural minerals such as copper, zinc, Selenium, Calcium and etc. very safe and non-toxic. It also can enhance skin cellular metabolism and promote blood circulation to stimulate energy, Disassemble lactic acid to anti-fatigue. Meanwhile clean skin to keep skin bright and fresh..
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