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Annie's Special Applications Solutions for medical textiles, hospital textile, automotive & motorcycle textile

Special Applications

In addition to the traditional textile product, functional materials can also be used in many special areas to help improve the end application of better health, protection, value-added role. Such as medical textiles, hospital textile, automotive & motorcycle textile , military clothing, special workerwear and so on

Product Specification
SmartCoffex Coffee-charcoal yarn
polyester /recycled polyester filament POY, DTY 75D/72F ,150D/144F
Key feature: recycled from wasted natural materials.emit far infrared ray, keep warm. providing negative ions, antibacterial
Stainless steel yarn

30% stainless steel 70% polyester spun yarn Ne21s, 32s,40s siro
Key feature: conductivity , anti-static, radiation protection
Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy polyester filament 75D/72F 150D/144F DTY
Key feature: Promote blood circulation • Reduce blood lipid and blood viscosity • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic • Swelling, calm • Balance endocrine • Improve sleep and eliminate fatigue • Increase oxyhemoglobin saturation • Antidiarrheal • Adjust blood pressure • Delay aging
EcoZinc™ Anti-bacterial &Anti-UV Nano-Zinc
Annie‘s Solutions
polyester filament DTY 75D/72F, 150D/144F DTY
Key feature: Super performance of antibacterial and anti-UV and help wounds heal in medical textile
Time Capsule

polyester filament DTY 75D/72F & 40D/24F
Key feature: Include more than 35 natural minerals such as copper, zinc, Selenium, Calcium and etc. very safe and non-toxic. It also can enhance skin cellular metabolism and promote blood circulation to stimulate energy, Disassemble lactic acid to anti-fatigue. Meanwhile clean skin to keep skin bright and fresh..
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