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The main demanded functions of home textiles are safety , comfort health such as flame retardant, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-mite, decompression, improve sleep quality and so on. PE-cooling-FR technology, TimeCapsule®, BioSay®, NaCuX®, Isilvery®, HoneyCombX®, Stainless Steel yarn technology will help you to reach better home life.

Product Specification
HoneyCombX™ Graphene

graphene spun yarn Ne32s,40s (30% graphene poly 70% viscose)
Key feature: enhance energy conductivity, powerful thermal regulation,self-clean and trackable ingredient
Annie‘s Solutions
Aerogel hollow polyester filament 150D
Key feature: We grind silica aerogel into superfine powder, and then combine with polyester to develop a new textile thermal functional material! The fiber has the characteristics of aerogel, low thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity between 0.017W/ m.k-0.020W /M.K after several tests, thermal insulation performance is far superior to ordinary fiber. Aerogel is mostly made of gas and looks like frozen smoke. It is the lightest solid material and has the properties of being thin, thin, warm and insulated.

nano copper spun yarn Ne32s ( 30% nano copper poly 70% cotton)
Key feature: copper is body's necessary life element, it is very safe for body and have excellent performance of antibacterial and anti-virus
Time Capsule
Annie‘s Solutions
volcanic mud polyester filament 150D/144F DTY
Key feature: include more than 35 natural minerals such as copper, zinc, Selenium, Calcium and etc. very safe and non-toxic. it also can enhance skin cellular metabolism and promote blood circulation.stimulate energy, Disassemble lactic acid to anti-fatigue. meanwhile clean skin to keep skin bright and fresh.
Annie‘s Solutions
collagen spun yarn Ne32s (50% collagen viscose 50% cotton)
Key feature: Beauty Concept, Rich of amino acid,Moisturization,Natural antibacterials
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