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Denim Solutions

There has never been a fashion like denim, can not be lost, never tired of looking at, never tired of wearing. As we all know, the performance of a piece of denim fabric depend on the composition of its raw materials, the quality of yarn, organizational structure, weaving methods and other factors, and finishing also plays a very important role in the quality of denim. With the increase of people's demand for denim, many new materials have been explored, and a lot of new technology yarns have been developed, and more and more functional denim fabrics have been born, and their appearance has brought great convenience to people's healthy life.

Product Specification
Icsnow Ice cooling

50% ice cooling polyester 50% viscose Ne32s
Key feature: soft and cool, skin-care

Ice Cooling High density polyethylene Cool touch 30D/24F, 50D/48F, 75D/48F,100D/48F FDY for apparels
Key feature: super cooling,
8C Microporous

Microporous Polyester filament 50D/48F, 75D/72F
Key feature: 3D Stereoscopic quick drying technology. The fabric can be dry within 15 mins
ShowarmX FIR yarn

100% FIR viscose spun yarn Ne32s,40s
Key feature: FIR can promote microcirculation and skin-care and thermal regulation and we use viscose as basis, so it is natural biodegradable.

Nano copper spun yarn Ne32s ( 50%nano copper 50% cotton) Siro
Key feature: copper is body's necessary life element, it is very safe for body and have excellent performance of antibacterials and anti-virus
Time Capsule

polyester filament DTY 75D/72F & 40D/24F
Key feature: Include more than 35 natural minerals such as copper, zinc, Selenium, Calcium and etc. very safe and non-toxic. It also can enhance skin cellular metabolism and promote blood circulation to stimulate energy, Disassemble lactic acid to anti-fatigue. Meanwhile clean skin to keep skin bright and fresh..
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