Annie's Smartex Fabric Sets New Standard for Sustained Cooling Comfort

In the realm of textile innovation, the quest for garments that not only offer style but also comfort, particularly through thermal regulation, has been relentless. In December 2023, Hongxing Erke Sports made headlines with their cotton T-shirt, which, after five washes, recorded a peak temperature of 27°C at the 60-minute mark during a continuous cooling performance test. 

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However, at Annie's Smartex, we've taken this challenge head-on and have developed a fabric that maintains a continuous cooling effect under 26°C, surpassing the cooling technology of Hongxing Erke. It's about addressing the real-world need for garments that can help regulate body temperature, enhance comfort, and improve performance in warm climates or during intense physical activities.

The principle behind our continuous cooling fabric lies in its innovative material composition and structure, which allows for efficient moisture absorption and rapid evaporation, leading to a decrease in the fabric's surface temperature. This mechanism is akin to the body's natural cooling process through perspiration and evaporation, making our fabric an extension of this biological function.

Specifically, as shown in the following test report, shows that the sample's performance in terms of dripping water diffusion time is 1.6 seconds, the maximum temperature within (5~60) minutes is 26°C, and the average temperature at the 60th minute is also 26°C. According to the T/CNGA 23-2021 standard, these results allow the sample to be rated Level 1 (the highest level) for contact sustained cooling performance. This means that the sample has excellent performance in that after absorbing moisture in contact with the skin, the surface temperature of the product drops, allowing the human body to maintain a continuous cooling feeling.


Comparing our sustainable cooling technology with traditional contact cooling tests (Qmax method), it's clear that continuous cooling performance holds greater significance for real-life applications. While Qmax measures the initial cool touch of a fabric upon skin contact, it doesn't account for long-term cooling effects which are essential during prolonged physical activity or exposure to warm environments. Our technology ensures that the wearer benefits from a lasting cooling sensation, contributing to overall thermal comfort and potentially enhancing physical performance and well-being.

The cooling coefficient Qmax at the moment of contact refers to the maximum value of the heat flow density during heat transfer after the thermal detection plate with a temperature higher than the specified temperature difference of the sample is brought into contact with the sample at a certain pressure. The greater the value of Qmax. it means the stronger the cooling sensation the skin feels, and the smaller the value the weaker the cooling sensation the skin feels.

Annie's Smartex's achievement in developing a fabric that maintains a continuous cooling effect under 26°C is not just a technological triumph but a response to the demand for more comfortable, performance-enhancing athletic wear. As we push the boundaries of textile innovation, we remain committed to providing solutions that meet the real-world needs of athletes and active individuals everywhere.

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