Light Sports helps you keep fitness

Light Sports

Light sports including Yoga, jogging, cycling, skateboarding,walking and so on. We can combine antibacterial, cold, heating, UV resistance,moisture absorption and quick drying according to different application scenarios.

Which Sweat Program Is Best For You?

Sweat Sports

Sweat sports including Trainning, Skiing, Running, Hiking, Athlete,Rock climbing and etc. Annie’s Smartex core technologies such as SiphoniX™, 3D microporous, Timecapsule®, NaCuX® will help you stay comfortable and improve higher performance in hot and humid environments, high-intensity aerobic exercise.

make you a better sleep and rest


The main demanded functions of home textiles are safety , comfort health such as flame retardant, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-mite, decompression, improve sleep quality and so on. PE-cooling-FR technology, TimeCapsule®, BioSay®, NaCuX®, Isilvery®, HoneyCombX®, Stainless Steel yarn technology will help you to reach better home life.

Care your second skin


Underwear and socks are the second skin of the human body, moisturizing&skin-care, quick drying&wicking, cooling&anti-UV, thermal regulation, natural antibacterial, stress reduction and anti-fatigue are the essential functional requirements of underwear and socks.

technology redefines the spirit of denim


There has never been a fashion like denim, can not be lost, never tired of looking at, never tired of wearing. As we all know, the performance of a piece of denim fabric depend on the composition of its raw materials, the quality of yarn, organizational structure, weaving methods and other factors, and finishing also plays a very important role in the quality of denim.

Keeping creating more innvations

Special Applications

In addition to the traditional textile product, functional materials can also be used in many special areas to help improve the end application of better health, protection, value-added role. Such as medical textiles, hospital textile, automotive & motorcycle textile , military clothing, special workerwear and so on.

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